front1 [ frʌnt ] noun ***
▸ 1 surface facing forward
▸ 2 part farthest forward
▸ 3 aspect of situation
▸ 4 activity to hide secret
▸ 5 not sincere behavior
▸ 6 in weather
▸ 7 group for/against something
▸ 8 in war
▸ 9 area on sea/lake edge
1. ) count often singular the surface of something that faces forward:
house/building fronts (=the parts that face the road)
the front of something: Staple a recent photograph to the front of your application.
on the front: a book with a picture of a tiger on the front
down the front: The dress had buttons down the front.
a ) count the part of your body that faces forward, especially your chest:
I always sleep on my front.
b ) singular or uncount the area outside the part of a building that faces forward:
Go round to the front and I'll let you in.
c ) count an outer wall of a large building that faces in a particular direction:
the north/south/east/west front of something: Monet's famous series of paintings of the west front of Rouen cathedral
─ opposite BACK
2. ) the front the part of something that is nearest the direction it faces:
The glasses are in the cabinet near the front.
in/at the front (of something): Tom was sitting at the front of the bus.
the man at the front of the line
If you can't see the blackboard, come and sit at the front.
He showed them where he had signed his name in the front of the book.
─ opposite BACK
3. ) count a particular aspect of a situation:
There's bad news on the job front two factories are going to close.
His main problems were in math and science, but he has made progress on both fronts.
4. ) count an organization or activity that exists to hide an illegal or secret one:
front for: They used the store as a front for dealing in stolen goods.
5. ) singular behavior that is not sincere because you want to hide your real feelings:
He always pretended he didn't care but we knew it was just a front.
put on a front: She's putting on a brave front, but she's really very worried.
6. ) count TECHNICAL a line where a large area of cold air meets a large area of warm air:
a warm/cold front
7. ) singular a political organization that fights for or against something:
the National Liberation Front
8. ) count a FRONT LINE in a war
9. ) count usually singular the area along the edge of the sea or a lake in a town:
a walk along the front
in front
1. ) a little farther forward than someone or something:
I passed the car in front.
2. ) winning a competition, game, or election that is not yet finished:
Owen scored to put his team in front.
3. ) outside the part of a building that faces forward:
a house with a yard in front
in (the) front
in the part of a car where the driver and the controls are
in front of someone
1. ) if something is in front of you, it is in a position where you can see it if you look forward:
In front of her, the highway stretched for miles.
2. ) in a situation where someone is there with you:
I would never say this in front of my mother.
3. ) in a situation where someone is watching you do something:
The game took place in front of a crowd of 60,000 people.
4. ) used for saying what is going to happen to you in the future:
I think she's got a brilliant career in front of her.
in front of something
1. ) in a position where you can see a particular thing when you look forward:
She just sits in front of the television all day long.
2. ) into a place where a moving vehicle might hit you:
He stepped into the road in front of a bus.
out front
in the part of a theater where the audience sits
out (the) front
outside the part of a building that faces forward:
There seem to be some press photographers waiting out front.
out in front
1. ) a fairly large distance farther forward than someone or something:
They hurried along the road with George out in front.
2. ) winning a competition, game, or election that is not yet finished by a fairly large amount:
Wilson is still out in front in the opinion polls.
up front
1. ) in the part of a car where the driver and the controls are
2. ) with payment made before goods or services are provided or work is started:
I'll need $500 up front for the cost of materials.
3. ) playing near the other team's goal and trying to score in a game such as soccer
front 2 [ frʌnt ] adjective only before noun ***
1. ) at, in, or on the front of something:
You can go and play in the front yard.
A tall woman in the front row was blocking my view.
Stephen was still sitting in the front seat of the car.
front legs/paws
I've broken one of my front teeth.
2. ) intended to hide an illegal or secret activity:
Arms exports were conducted secretly using front companies.
3. ) playing near the other team's goal and trying to score in a sport such as soccer:
the front two/three: The midfield players aren't giving enough support to the front two.
4. ) LINGUISTICS a front vowel is made in the front part of your mouth
front 3 [ frʌnt ] verb
1. ) intransitive or transitive if an area or building fronts something or fronts on or onto it, it has that thing at the front of it:
The theater is housed in a large building fronting Canning Street.
The estate fronts onto the bay.
a ) transitive to be in front of something:
A spacious forecourt fronts the handsome house.
2. ) transitive to be the leader or main representative of a group:
a financial consortium fronted by Charles Villiers
a ) to be the main singer or musician in a band:
I'd love to front my own jazz band.
b ) to be the main person appearing in a television program and telling people what is happening in each part of the program:
What is it like to front such a popular TV show?
`front for phrasal verb transitive
front for someone/something to be a person or company that hides an illegal or secret activity for another person or organization

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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